Gokul Agarwal:The man behind property developments of RNA Corp

Established in 1981,RNA Corp has earned a good reputation, owing to its extensive experience in the construction industry.With its developmental projects, it has been transforming the metro city, Mumbai.The firm owes its success to the strong pillars:Mr Anil Agarwal – Chairman,Mr.Anubhav Agawal – Managing Director, and Mr.Gokul Agarwal – Director.

Gokul Agarwal, the Director, has left no stone unturned in making RNA Corp as one of the leading developers in India. He is significantly contributing to the company’s growth with his entrepreneurship skills. Moreover, his excellent management skills and focused approach are effectively visible in the company’s project execution.

RNA Builders stands out for delivering excellence at affordable prices in a city as expensive as Mumbai. Mr.Gokul Agarwal is passionate towards bringing innovation and modernization in their ventures, which is well-reflected from the architectural designs of the firm.

RNA believes in the core values of honesty, ethics, efficiency and professionalism. It focuses on establishing a strong relationship with its patrons by delivering superior quality structures to them. Covering 10 million sqft, the company has successfully developed residential and commercial properties across Mumbai. In the words of Mr.Gokul Agarwal, “To transform the congested layout of Mumbai, we envisioned to create a benchmark of quality infrastructure.”

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